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Who we are and what we do

D + P, dosing u. Prüftechnik GmbH has been developing and producing customer-specific systems, plants and de- vices for the dosing and testing industry as well as special machines for assembly and automation technology for more than 30 years. These are mainly used for conveying, dosing and application of liquids, greases and pastes as well as for assembly of components and functional testing. Our main focus lies in contour greasing, with the aim of applying the medium to the contour of the component with process-reliability and repeat accuracy. The D + P dosing equipment and application equipment enable continuous, uniform and precise greasing.

Our systems are used in various industries, such as automotive industry, mechanical engineering, special machinery, assembly technology, chemical, aerospace and electronics industry.

Rooted in Ries, at home around the world ...

As a nationally and internationally operating company, we are available to our customers in Germany and abroad with a comprehensive service personally and on site.

Tailor-made and perfectly fitting ...

Because we focus on what we can do, we develop and produce tailormade and perfectly fitting systems that are consistently geared to the needs of our customers.

Under the leadership of the Managing Director Tobias Faaß, a competent team of employees ensures the success of the company.

Thanks to short and uncomplicated communication channels between the company divisions, the individual employees and executives, we are able to carry out tasks set by our customers to their perfect satisfaction.





1986 In January 1986 the company D+P was founded by...

Founding of D+P, Dosier- u. Prüftechnik GmbH

D + P was founded by Herbert Faaß in January 1986, they worked in leased premises in Bopfingen-Trochtelfingen. After six months, the first employee was hired and a modern CNC milling machine was purchased. This made it possible for the company to produce complicated parts by itself.

1987 the flow measurement device SMG...

Development and patenting of D+P flow measurement device SMG

The SMG flow measurement device for monitoring viscous media was developed and patented. In the early years, mainly smaller devices, manual workstations and small machines were designed and manufactured, but also the first 2-axis CNC controlled machine for applying sealant beads to plastic housings. We were able to purchase the leased property and thus expanding the operating area.

1988 Now their own pumps for the production of greases…

Development of own high pressure barrel pumps

Now it was also possible to manufacture own pumps for the production of greases and pasty media. A new of office wing expanded the business premises.

Company Building 1987
1. SMG Generation 1987
L25600 - First Barrel Pump 1988

Company building inside view 1990
New assembly hall 1995
1990 After almost four years with five employees…

Constant staff deployment

After almost four years and with five employees, it could be assumed that the company will continue to develop positively thanks to a solid customer base. As of this date, at least one new employee was hired every year, the machine park was constantly expanded and old machines replaced by new and modern ones.

1995 The customer base now also included major customers…

Company expansion through the construction of an assembly hall

The customer base now also included major customers, who valued modern and highly complex individual solutions in the eld of dosing, testing and assembly technology. A new assembly hall was constructed in order to ensure continued steady growth.

1996 10 years D+P – a medium-sized…

10 years of D+P

10 years of D + P - a medium-sized company cam to life. Thanks to committed employees, technicians and skilled workers, some of whom have been trained since 1990, we were able to achieve an excellent reputation.

ISO-Certificate 9001 in 2000
Anton Jauman Innovation Award 2006
2000 D+P was certificated…

Own quality assurance through certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

D + P Certifies itself according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and has its own quality assurance as of May. We were also able to win over nationwide customers at regional fairs in Sindelfingen and Sinsheim.

2004 With over 24 employees the space…

New building due to company relocation to Nördlingen

With 24 employees, the site in Trochtelfingen proved to be insufficient. Since it was no longer possible to expand, the company was relocated to Nördlingen in Emil-Eigner-Straße. We were able to move into a modern new building with office building, production and assembly hall and D + P became the second medium-sized enterprise in Germany to introduce SAP.

2006 The 20 year company anniversary took place and…

Presentation of the Anton Jaumann Innovation Award for exceptional achievements

The company celebrated it's 20th anniversary and on this occasion the company was awarded the Anton Jaumann Innovation Prize for exceptional performance in the eld of ow measurement technology.

2009 Tobias Faaß gets…

Tobias Faaß becomes second Managing Director

Tobias Faaß becomes second Managing Director in addition to his father Herbert Faaß.

2010 Within this year we could successfully…

Large trade fair appearance at Automatica

In this year, the new developments in dosing technology were presented successfully at Automatica in Munich.

2011 25 years of D+P - Anniversary: ​​within one…

A quarter of a century D + P

25 years of D + P - Anniversary: In the course of a quarter of a century, we succeeded in becoming an internationally operating, innovative company.

Fair News 2010
Automatica 2010
25 years of D+P

2014 The rooms became too narrow and an expansion was necessary. At that point the company had…

Increase in office and hall areas, new production hall

The premises became too cramped and an expansion became necessary. At this point in time, the company already had 45 employees and three trainees. The building was expanded by 300m2, a production hall and a vehicle wing were added.

2015 Expansion of training focus

Expansion of training focus

The previous training focuses have been expanded from technical professions to commercial areas.

2016 30 years of D+P – ein medium-sized family business with…

30 years D + P- a medium-sized family company

30 years of D + P - a medium-sized family business with over 65 highly qualified employees - a company full of innovative ideas with a promising future.

2018 The area of ​​special machine and plant construction has…

Special machine and plant engineering is establishing itself as a second product area

The special machinery and plant engineering sector has established itself as a second solid product area. Herbert Faaß leaves the management board on 31 December 2018 and now hands over the management of the family business entirely to his eldest son Tobias Faaß.

Company expansion 2014
Training priorities 2015