D+P Departments

Highest level of diversity …

Everything under one roof, we accompany our orders completely from the idea, over to the development and production up to the commissioning and the comprehensive handover on site. Our specialist departments work very closely together and therefore ensure competent advice and support at all times. Our products and the tasks as- signed to us require a high degree of expertise, innovation and modern production technology. Qualities that characterize us as a highly specialized company and to which we remain faithful in the future.

Everything under one roof

Quality Management / Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering the highest quality at a fair price. To implement this efficiently and economically, we have implemented our Quality Management System since 2000.
Since then we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are constantly developing our QMS. Regular internal and external audits confirm the high standards.

All processes at D + P are documented and subject to the QMS control, which enables us to achieve the highest quality, precision and reliability in our products and plants.

Sales / Project Planning

Cross-departmental coordination enables ideal consulting by our sales and project planning team. The ultimate goal is to precisely meet the requirements and work out the best technical and economical solution in close cooperation with the customer. The devices, systems and special machines designed by D + P are optimized solutions that fully meet customer requirements and, in addition, improve existing customer processes and thereby make them more sustainable.

Project Management

Each of our projects is entrusted to an experienced project manager. From order entry through all quality gates to operational handover, each customer is competently cared for by a permanent project manager. The latter is the specified contact person for the connection between customer and D + P. In this function, he also controls all relevant factors of the project, such as quality, budget and deadlines. Thanks to the open and in- tensive exchange between project managers with

our customers, a basis is quickly created which promotes and supports the effective and efficient cooperation of both parties.


As a supplier of automated special machines, our designers develop and create detailed and tailormade complete solutions that are individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer.

All designs and fluid plans are created using a professional 3D CAD tool (Creo Elements/Direct Modeling) or FluidDraw. In order to achieve the highest quality results, a systematic analysis is carried out parallel to the design with the aid of special software for CE marking and risk assessment in accordance with the Machinery Directive

and the Low Voltage Directive. By using checklists and QMS instructions, we secure our internal processes, so that we have the control and also the possibility to constantly optimize and improve our own processes.

Control Technology

Our control technology consists of the fields of Electrical Design, Electrical Assembly and Software Development. The individual teams are made up of highly competent and motivated employees who always focus on the customer's requirements.

The Electrical Design works with the latest tools for circuit diagram production and testing. With regard to CE conformity and legal regulations, employees are always kept up-to-date with the latest training courses. The entire e-design process is maintained at the highest level and documented through QMS.

In the area of Electrical Assembly, our employees are supported in their process by an excellent infrastructure, which increases the quality of the systems. Here, too, QA checklists ensure a consistently high quality from material provision to acceptance. The highly complex software of

our systems and plants is developed in-house by our software specialists. The team works primarily with Siemens controllers and creates the software in the Siemens’ own development environment "TIA". A large portfolio of programming languages (including other systems) is covered by this team.

This ranges from PC applications through μControllers to plant PLCs. The keywords "Industrie 4.0" and "IOT" are familiar elements here.
Connections to ERP systems, such as "SAP" or SQL data- bases are established standard with us.


Our extensive experience in manufacturing and close cooperation with the mechanical design enable us to implement technical challenges and exceptional tasks as quickly and precisely as possible. Thanks to a modern and high-quality machine park with various rotary, milling and grinding machines, efficient production strategies with CAM systems as well as a well-trained specialist staff, we are able to produce simple to highly complex components ourselves.

Contract Manufacturing

The focus is on the contract manufacturing of sophisticated workpieces in the single or small series production. Using state-of-the-art machinery and an experienced team of qualified employees, we ensure precise components that are manufactured individually according to the customer's requirements. Thus, we can guarantee a particularly high quality, a fast response time as well as punctual delivery times. Contract manufacturing is of interest to customers in order to cover peak orders or to obtain high quality components without having to invest in a complex machine park.

Assembly and Service Department

In our assembly and service department, our team works on the projects and orders of dosing and greasing technology as well as special machine construction with a very high quality awareness. Thanks to years of experience in dosing technology we are able to create the perfect adjustment for standard or special solutions. The use of CAD systems in assembly, state-of-the-art tools and a high degree of precision ensure compliance with the quality standard. The assembly of our special machines, dosing and greasing units as well as devices takes place in our large hall areas. This means that all systems can be completely tested during the assembly and commissioning phase.

The D + P assembly team is also available to our customers on site during commissioning - a service we offer at home and abroad. Our Quality Management System is also used in after-sales service. For maintenance or fault cases, we will respond within the shortest possible time. The service are coordinated centrally and forwarded to the better and technicians responsible for the respective plant.

Technical Editing

Together with the design and control technology, our technical editors develop and produce CE-compliant documentation including risk assessment, operating instructions and installation instructions for every machine, plant and component we produce. At customer request we can create these in paper or digital form. Compliance with legal requirements are just as important to us as a simple and comprehensible applicability for our customers, so that they can spend more time with the plant than with the manual.