In the wrong position or incorrectly applied (viscous) media quantity can lead directly to defective products or significantly shorten their service life.

The dosing equipment and application equipment allow a positionally accurate, even greasing and thereby help to ensure the quality standard of your products.

The dosing systems and application equipment serve primarily for area, contour and spot application. Depending on the task, greases, oils, silicones, sealants, adhesives or pastes can be precisely applied with the customer-specific systems.

Our dosing equipment and application equipment have been in use in many industries for many years:

• Automotive Industry
• Electrical / electronics industry
• Mechanical engineering
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Food industry, and much more.

Dosing Equipment - Contour Greasing
with greases, pastes or oil

Greasing and oiling equipment for:
O-rings, radial shaft seal, bearing points,
ball and plain bearings, toothed gear shafts, charge air duct
Wheel hubs, actuating lever bearings, housings, plastic components,
needle bearings and much more.


time-controlled dosing
custom fixtures