Incorrect application of liquids during automatic dosing operations, primarily caused by ow failure, can lead to significant functional defects.


D+P ow measurement devices SMG 06 immediately detect such faults within a continuous application process. With discontinuous dosing of equal amounts such ow failures can also be accurately detected. D + P ow measurement devices are ideal for monitoring virtually all (viscous) fluids.

The modular and flexible design of the ow measurement device enables installation in new systems as well as integration into existing systems.

Flow measurement devices have been used successfully and reliably for many years in the most diverse areas of assembly technology, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the food industry and many more.

The flow measurement devices are a patented in-house development of Dosier- und Prüftechnik GmbH.


Liquids deflect the sensor needle in the adapter bore.
The deflection is optically sampled, then analyzed and displayed via the analysis electronics. If there is an air bubble in the ow stream this will be detected and reported.

Flow Measurement Device SMG 06
Flow Measurement device SFG 01 and adapter cable
Volume sensor VCA 0,04